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backflow testing, backflow installation and backflow repair

For the Atlanta Metro Area

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Our main focus is great customer service. It’s why we are #1 in customer service. We provide quality testing and maintenance.

Backflow Testing

We specialize in testing backflow preventers of all types.


We specialise in maintenance of backflow assemblies.


We have Licensed and Insured Backflow Techs & a Master Plumber.

File Results

We send paperwork to the local water authorities and you will receive a copy.

“Had the opportunity to work with Mason Pittman who came to my office to do a backflow testing and was communicative through the entire process. Very professional. If you have the opportunity or need, these guys are a go-to.”

- Cameron West

Who We Are & What We Provide For You!

Adams Backflow is a family-owned company, licensed in the State of Georgia with 20+ years in business.  We provide backflow testing, backflow installation, and backflow repair for the Atlanta Metro Area.

Adams Backflow sets the standard of quality and dependability that other Backflow testing companies only attempt to achieve.  We have the knowledge and ability to test and repair all sizes and models of Backflow assemblies.  We are licensed and insured to perform testing in the Atlanta Metro Area and we are current in all regulations and specifications when they are modified and changed. 

We believe building long lasting customer relationships.